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Growing Boys...

John continues to be wonderful. He is struggling with sharing but he clearly tries hard. Yesterday he shared a drooly piece of candy-cane with me.

He's learning empathy, too. Tom's dad was visiting and at some point said ouch, John asked him if he was ok.

A few days ago James took his first little step on his own, and he is becoming quite the climber. It's good, but it's certainly not making my life easier.

Yesterday, James built his first block tower out of squishy foam blocks. :) We're so proud of him.

SO yeah...

So always, as a mom, I am trying to keep things balanced. Some days I do better than others, and for weeks now I have been slacking on the journal stuff, which bothers me because I honestly am trying to maintain memories of all these awesome little things the boys do every day. Occasionally though, I think to shoot an email to Tom, so I am going to post a few of those things:

7/9/10 -
John wants a car that james has so he offers Thomas as a trade.
"here you go baby James, want to share your Thomas?"
James drops the car.
"oh, is that for me? Thank you baby James."

7/8 - James woke up yesterday from a nap won the couch and started crying, and John went over to pat I'm on the back and said. Its ok baby James.

7/7 (from tom) - John heard James wake up, and said "Don't worry, Daddy. Baby James is sleeping upstairs."

7/7 - Today John got to pet a cow for the first time. He said "I gently cow".

6/23 - "the stegosaurus has plates on back...the stegosaurus eats milk and juice...hi stegosaurus, I wuv yoo....hi Tiny, Tiny eats water...whoo, whooooo!" (this was john playing with dinosaurs, Tiny is a Pteranadon from this show he likes to watch called dinosaur train)

So James is doing well, despite that he was only 16 lb, 15 oz at his 1 year checkup. He is cruising now, he signs, and seems to understand things on a level that John didn't at this age. He plays games with us, like peek a boo. He understands high five. So maybe we just need to teach him to box when he gets older, so he's not one of those little smart kids that gets stuffed into his locker. ;)

More milestones

This past Thursday John spend almost 45 minutes trying to put on his own pants. By the time he finally got them he was so frustrated and exhausted he was crying uncontrollably, but I was so so proud of him. He's always been very "I want to do it myself" which is hard sometimes, but i am always pso amazed at what he van do when he's ready.

James got his first ride in an airplane on Saturday, www went to meet my favorite author and since he's still nursing he had to come with me. Gosh breastfeeding a baby makes plane rides such a breeze. Io let him crawl around and get tired before the flight then he nursed to sleep in the plane and stayed out the whole flight. It was only an hour and a half flight but he was super good and easy on the plane, i was grateful. Security and whatnot was minimally a pain. I wore him in a sling with no metal and I was able to just walk through with him.


Went back to the gym today for the first time in a while, John had displayed a lot of anxiety the last time and wouldn't go into the childcare room so I was nervous but today they both did well. James apparently was happy to crawl around the whole time. I only left them for half an hour, I am hoping maybe tomorrow and going forward things will be easier for all of us. Bad news though, starting soon the tube maze won't be open first thing in the mornings which is too bad because it is one of John's favorite things to do there.

Never admit to a poopy diaper

John came over to me smelling a little...ripe. When I asked if he had pooped in his diaper he grinned at me and then ran away yelling "Faster, faster!"

James and the laundry

James does this adorable thing that both amuses me and drives me nuts. Hse likes to sort the laundry. He will sit happily for minutes at a time on the floor while he removes one item at a time from the basket, examines it carefully, then puts it off to the side.

John is extra cranky and not sleeping well, no idea why. Today was an early nap day though, he was so upset nothing calmed him. Tried a mr. Knick-knack concert but he ended up just crying so we left early and he conked out in the car.

James isn't eating or nursing much today which of course makes me nervous about his weight.

Please leave a comment for baby James!

James has been featured on Mellisa West's photography blog, and if we get 5o comments in the next 2 days we get a free copy of the picture!! Please share the love!


In other news, James is DEFINITELY crawling more, and trying to pull up but not doing so great. He's entering the phase that I blessedly didn't have to deal with until John was 13 months (because he never crawled) where he wants to get into EVERYTHING and most of it I won't LET him get into (like say, crawling across the splinter covered deck to grab that stray piece of watermelon that the ants decided to make a buffet out of).

John is awesome, super polite lately and I'm REALLY proud of how well he's sharing with others, especially when James starts crying and John runs over to offer him a toy or whatever to help out. Bummer is, he's displaying a lot of anxiety - my sense is the two are related, but who knows? Yesterday we went to the gym and he refused to go into the childcare center. Out of paranoia I decided to go ahead and leave with him rather than make him stay and risk that maybe it was more than just anxiety, but I don't really know what to make of it still.
James' last checkup was 4/29/10 - 16lb 6oz. It wasn't the 17 the doc had asked for but it was an improvement, and his iron levels were higher too so we get (yay) a reprieve till his 12 month appointment. I'm still considering a second opinion but we've all been sick so i haven't found the time yet. He's crawling now, doesn't seem to be a big fan when he knows I'll pick him up, but he does it plenty when he doesn't know I'm looking. Especially when he's after a power cord. I don't know what the fascination with them is - maybe it's just because they're forbidden fruit, but I swear he'd crawl halfway around the world for the chance to gnaw on the world's longest power cord.

John is still struggling with sharing but he's gotten much better. He's also got this odd habit of calling everyone max - as in "here you go max, want to share your toys?" What's funny is he does have a little friend named max, but he hasn't seen him recently so I'm not sure why he does that.


So here I go again, falling behind in keeping up with stuff.

There's a lot going on, mostly good. The boys are great really all in all even though they are exhausting the heck out of me. Problem I'm struggling with is how to get back on the horse once a curveball derails me. We had another attack of that cruddy stomach virus sweep through the house, followed by colds, and then *gasp* the doc told me at James's 9 month checkup that he doesn't weigh enough, so I've been preoccupied and freaking out and trying my darnedest to shove food down his throat. Food he doesn't want to eat by the way. I've been offering the breast so often he's started elbowing me in the chest when I try to lay him in my nap to nurse. What the heck do they want from me? I swear, the kid's not hungry. Nevertheless, the doc wants me to get him to gain a pound in the next couple weeks or yet again he wants me to consider supplementing with formula. What that's supposed to help, I don't know.

Moving on to some of the good: John is now starting to understand sharing, and actually doing it. I gave him a drink yesterday and told him to take a drink and give it back and he DID. I was so proud. James is cute as always, he's smiling and getting grabby, he loves to look at his big brothers and laugh. He is adorable, albeit supposedly too teeny. Bah. He's now working on tooth number 6. I've moved him into bed with me for the time being so he can nurse more at night to try and get his weight up, and even though I know I will be thrilled when Tom and I have our bedroom to ourselves once again I will miss cuddling with that little baby at night. He's beyond precious.

We're still working on the gym thing. He doesn't seem to be able to go much more than about 45 minutes of me being gone, but it's enough to at least do a quick shower and workout which I am grateful for ,and it gets us out the door and naptimes over with earlier which is helping with the bedtimes. We've found he will drink a LITTLE from the bottle if he is allowed to drink it himself, as opposed to being fed. He's already a very independent little baby. I'm so proud of him.